First Time Experiencing a Canadian Winter. 

My husband is Canadian. I was born in Utah but have lived the last 17 years of my life in Texas, so my blood is not ready for the extreme Edmonton cold that we are going to experience when we visit in a couple weeks. And my son has never experienced extreme cold before! I’m wondering how he will handle it. He’s half Canadian. He will be fine right? Lol. 

He’s incredibly good on plane rides, so I’m definitely not worried about that. I’m just worried that he won’t like snow and he will be cooped up for weeks not getting to go outside. He loves going outside. 

Good news is, there won’t be Zika or west Nile mosquitos where we’re going! Bonus. 


Sleeping Through the Night. 

All parents love to say those words. I remember my cousin, who had a baby five weeks before I did, got her baby to sleep through the night within the first month. I was thinking, “oh good. Maybe my baby will be like that.” HAHA! Fat chance, bro. Over a year and a half after he was born, he has only slept through the night once… almost twice! And that has only started in the last week. Children are wonderful little things and it’s amazing how different each of them are. I’m crossing my fingers and toes that baby number two will sleep through the night within the first six months. 

Have any of you had issues with sleeping through the night. I’ve heard that breastfed babies have more trouble doing that because they metabolize breastmilk faster than bottle fed babies. I think that’s part of what happened with my son and I. We just stopped breastfeeding about a month ago and that’s when he started sleeping better. 

The Beginning.

This is the excerpt for your very first post.

IMG_6770You’ll soon come to find out a lot about me. From funny to gross, I share it all. Being a mom is one of the most wonderful things on the planet, but sometimes you find yourself thinking “what the hell did I get myself into?” It’s okay, every mom has those moments. Sometimes multiple times a day. We love our kids but they can drive us up the friggin’ wall. The picture above is of my son taken in 2016. He is now a year and a half and he has quite the personality. It varies from happy to hysterical in under a minute. I love this little guy more than I ever thought I could love any human. He’s my world. He’s my life. He’s the reason I haven’t slept through the night in over a year and a half, but that’s okay.